Darky lascia la scena ma le DarkyRom vanno avanti

Brutte notizie per quei possessori del Galaxy S e Galaxy S2 che si sono divertiti in questi mesi a flashare le celebri rom di Darky.

Con un comunicato molto chiaro lo stesso Darky annuncia il suo ritiro come "cuoco".

Ma visti i successi del suo progetto le DarkyRom continueranno comunque ad essere sviluppate, anzi il Team fondato da Darky si impegnerà maggiormente per ottenere rom cucinate sempre più stabili e performanti.

Il progetto sarà ora guidato da Ficeto & Robbielicious, due sviluppatori non sono da meno in quanto a bravura. Gli amanti delle rom moddate potranno stare tranquilli.

I motivi del ritiro sono dovuti principalmente al poco tempo rimasto a disposizione. Da quando Darky ha iniziato a sviluppare le prime rom si è sempre dedicato a tempo pieno alle sue creazioni, rilasciando sempre aggiornamenti costanti e frequenti.
Per il giovanissimo sviluppatore svizzero (solo 18 anni) è arrivato il momento di dedicare più tempo alla famiglia e iniziare a concentrarsi sulla sua carriera lavorativa.

Ecco l'annuncio ufficiale pubblicato da Darky sul suo sito:

DarkyROM is alive – more than ever…
That does not mean, DarkyROM is dying. It means, I'm not working on the ROM itself anymore.
I'll still answer all requests & help users by e-mail & private message. I'll still do the background communication. I just can't spend more time on the project.

We have prepared everything so you'll get more clean & stable ROMs than before.
We have made our internal rules & checklists for a clean structure.
This was necessary since the project gets bigger & bigger.

The DarkyROM Crew will deliver you what you expect & more.
Since this reorganization, a stable final ROM will be developed faster & more efficiently.
This results in very stable Final ROMs with the features you expect.

Ficeto & Robbielicious will take care of the main ROM part.

So, what did I think?
I thought about closing the project. Stupid idea! All those people waiting to flash their phones
The project is too big to let it die. I love the whole community and everyone here as part of one big 'family'.

I was thinking about this change since days & nights.
I wanted to focus on my real life – enjoying the valuable time with my family, girlfriend & friends.
Now I'm 18 years old and in my 4th year of my apprentice ship as an IT System Engineer (Sys-Admin in education) and I have to concentrate myself on that last 'round' of my future.

And to be honest, doing ROMs for many months can get boring. In the end, it's always the same story with a few changes. I haven't seen many other developers supporting one single ROM for such a long time.

How it started…
It has all started in October 2010, when I wanted to share my own first ROM.
Since then, the userbase growed a lot. And not only the userbase.
I've built a team around me. The first team partner was Ficeto (Hristo is his real name) and now he is helping a lot! Then we had some temporary partners and now we're set with the whole Moderator Team helping a lot.

A few numbers about DarkyROM…
In total, our ROMs have been downloaded a few million times.
One single version can easily get around half a million downloads.
We have around 30'000 registered unique users here in this forum.
We have around 5'000 members in the facebook group.
We have around 100'000 active DarkyROM users (counted via DarkyROM App).

Thank you all!
I wanted to thank everyone here for their loyalty.
Thanks to the whole DarkyROM Crew and all (super) moderators, moderators & helpers!
Thanks to all users & supporters of DarkyROM!
The list to thank everyone individually would explode, that would be a full time job for me

I hope you understand my decision and enjoy your time here on DarkyROM
I'll never forget this project

-Joël aka Darky.